Winter Solstice 2020

Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the Winter Solstice

Hari OM everyone

Greetings on the inspiring day of the winter solstice, when the sun "stands still" before beginning the turn that brings us back towards longer days and shorter nights.  The winter solstice lasts only for a moment in time; but the day on which it occurs is also known as Midwinter.  After the sun has “stood still” it begins to reverse its path and the days get gradually longer, until we reach the summer solstice and the cycle starts again.  

This year will apparently be a rare occurrence - the conjunction of the two large planets Jupiter and Saturn. It happens every 20 years, but being as close as they will be this year last happened in the 17th century.  I've been out to have a look, and thought I saw something that looked like a double star, but maybe that was wishful thinking upon a star! 

The solstices have been the occasion of celebrations in all ages and cultures.  December 25th was the midwinter day in the Roman calendar before it was changed.  On the longest night and shortest day, perhaps we may go within to find gratitude for the stillness of the long winter nights.  We can also reflect on moving from darkness to light.  Maybe that's particularly striking as we rather sadly prepare to enter another period of lockdown. Let's not forget however that there are still reasons to remain hopeful and the celebrate the good things that have happened.  Starting with myself, I'm very grateful to people who supported me by coming to my Zoom classes, even (or perhaps particularly) when initially feeling challenged by technology.  As I said in the August blog, it was a challenge for me too so thank you for kindly putting up with my mistakes.  And think about the kindness and neighbourliness that developed during the pandemic - long may it continue. 

I hope everyone finds yoga practices to help them stay as well as possible, soothing the natural anxieties of this strange and turbulent time.

Class and seminar schedule update

Classes on Zoom will continue at the same times from Tuesday 5th January 2021.  The first Monday class will be on January 11th.

A reminder - the seminars previously known as Dechmont seminars resumed online on Saturday December 12th.  The current theme is Yoga Sadhana as part of living a yogic lifestyle.  The next one is on Saturday January 9th 2021.  

You can book in to my classes simply by emailing or phoning/texting me. Payment is preferably by BACS transfer although cheques are OK.

I have an idea about running a short online course on yoga for people (like myself!) living with the bone-thinning disorder osteoporosis.  We will look at some of the anatomy and physiology of the bones and then some modifications and ways of practising safely.  It will include practices for strengthening the bones as well, so suitable for anyone who is interested in this increasingly common problem.   More details in the new year.


My contact details


Email:   Phone: 07966 573 804


I hope everyone has an enjoyable, peaceful and above all safe and healthy festive season despite the current restrictions. I'm already looking forward to classes starting again. 


With love and OMMMMs