Self practice

Welcome to the Self Practice pages. They will have suggestions for home practice and more detailed background information that there isn't time for in the weekly classes. If you have any questions, comments or contributions, please email me at

Three day practice

These are  three practice plans, each about 20-25 minutes, depending on how many repetitions and your own breath length, once you get to know them.  They are intended for more experienced students and you'll be familiar with the individual asanas.  The idea is to rotate them through the week and...


Notes on "Yoga capsules"

Swami Niranjanananda taught in Brittany in 2006 that his guru, Paramahamsa Satyananda’s approach to yoga had as its main theme the cultivation of the personality; personal growth by transforming negative human attributes into positive ones.  This can be done by personal practice – yoga...

Chair Surya Namaskar

This is a sequence of 12 postures done while seated in a chair.  It's not a good photocopy but I hope it'll remind you of the sequence we practise in the Therapeutic Yoga class.


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