Day and Time SOME CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS NOW BEING DELIVERED AT THE SAME TIMES AS LISTED BUT VIA ZOOM. I welcome enquiries for reduced prices due to Covid-related financial difficulties. How to  book



16.30 - 18.15  Gentle, suitable for all.  Monday class online until further notice about previous venue, Gate 55 in Sighthill.

Slow(ish) gentle breath-centred yoga asanas, pranayama, relaxation, meditation. Chair practice welcomed if needed. Theme for autumn term 2022 to be decided.  


For booking contact Bijam - email or phone


13.30 - 14.45   Accessible yoga suitable for people with limited mobility due to longer-term physical and/or mental health issues.  Wheelchair users and people who appreciate using a chair for the whole class or as a prop for particular asanas are welcome.   Live class now  at Carmondean Community Centre (North Barn) Livingston. Next term begins September 6th 2022.   Places available - contact Bijam

19.30 - 21.00 General Yoga - including breath-centred asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation. Likely to continue online for the foreseeable future. Autumn term likely to begin August 30th or September 6th.  Theme to be decided.













Works well online- if interested, contact Bijam to make arrangements.  I would recommend individual sessions approximately monthly with a four-week home practice plan created.  Each online session can also be recorded.



Monthly yoga workshops at Dechmont Memorial Community Centre - resumed November 2021.   Suitable for people with some experience and a wish to further their personal development in yoga. 

Theme for 2022-23  

Working on possible ideas!   


Cost: £20 per session

To book: contact me