Welcome to Yoga with Bijam

A warm welcome to Yoga with Bijam, dedicated with gratitude to my  tutors in Yoga Scotland with whom I did my first yoga teacher training and to the many other teachers, especially from the Bihar (Satyananda Yoga) tradition, who have helped, and continue to help me along the path.  I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this website. 

What is yoga?

It’s hard to describe yoga briefly!  The word Yoga can be translated literally as union, a coming together of body, mind and spirit. English words such as “yoke” are derived from the same root word.  When we are “doing” Yoga we are actually practising some form of technique to bring us to this state of union, often described as bringing inner stillness, peace, harmony and inner radiance.  Most people in our modern society  experience  imbalances and stress factors such as too much to do, too little time to do it, competing demands, exhaustion.  Many find that yoga practice can help them to become more at ease, calmer and at peace with themselves and better able to cope, not to mention usually sleeping better.    What it doesn't mean, in my classes anyway, is tying your body in knots.

Weekly classes

My regular group classes in Edinburgh and West Lothian are currently being taught by friends during my recovery from surgery to remove a brain tumour discovered in March.   I'm very grateful to have teachers/friends able and willing to keep the classes going.  I consider myself fortunate to have had a head scan that revealed the presence of a tumour! I hope to resume my classes after the summer break,   For more information on these, as well as individual tuition and occasional courses, see Classes and Courses.

Weekly Classes
Mondays: 16.45-18.15 General yoga suitable for all at Sighthill Community Centre within Gate 55, Sighthill Road EH11 4PB    Places available.  Teacher Karen Robertson until the summer.   Contact Bijam for details.

Tuesdays:  19.30 - 20.30  - Currie Community Centre, 280 Lanark Road West, EH14 5RU. Teacher Lisa Tatum until the summer break.  Suitable for all.  The room is small and barely takes 8 people.  Contact Bijam for further information.

Wednesdays: West Lothian: all enquiries directly to me.

  •  13.00-14.15 Chair-based yoga at The Ability Centre, Carmondean,  Livingston  EH54 8PT  Suitable for people with limited mobility due to longer-term physical and/or mental health issues who are wheelchair users or simply need to sit down for parts of the class.  Currently being taught by Elaine Bingham.