January 2014

Yoga pathways part 3

    Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion.  Finding inner stillness by transforming our basic nature, making love pure, transcendental and focused,  providing a  direction for the emotions.  Bhakti Yoga is a very powerful            tool for the creation and expression of love without boundaries - universal love.  The faculties of the heart are cultivated by following the yogic path of Bhakti. The process sounds simple - the practices include  kirtan     (joyful led chanting usually in Sanskrit); mantra; cultivation of an attitude of love (bhava) and so on.  But of course it's not easy as it requires a transformation of our basic personality. I find it comforting that  we can           transform our personal difficulties by practice.  That's why it's called practice of course because we're not perfect!  

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Scottish Satyananda Yoga Retreat May 2014


We are delighted to present a residential weekend retreat

Yoga of the Heart


Swami Satyaprakash Saraswati

“Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the Heart,……

Realize the Self, Hidden in the Heart, and cut asunder

The knot of ignorance here and now.”  (Mundaka Upanishad)

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th May 2014

Gillis Centre, Edinburgh

Swami is a very popular teacher, so early booking is advised. The programme is suitable for practitioners with at least two years’ experience of yoga practice, who wish to delve a little deeper.

Cost: £185 (£65 deposit and two instalments of £60)

Application forms and further details from: Carol Godridge yoga@cgodridge.plus.com or Tel. 01848 200681

Yoga pathways part 2

  • Hatha Yoga – probably the main form known in the West.  Sometimes it may seem that it comprises only vigorous bendy asanas.  I've even had people say worriedly to me that they can't possibly do yoga as they are too stiff.  Fortunately I can usually offer an alternative view. 

"In The Yoga Upanishads hatha yoga is described as a means of attaining physical and mental purification and balance.  Although hatha yoga is the most commonly known yoga, there is a great misconception about its meaning. Hatha is generally translated as "force" whereas in the yogic literature the word hatha is a combination of two mantras, ham and tham, which correspond to pingala and ida nadis repectively.  So the term hatha yoga means the yoga through which these two forces are balanced.  Ida nadi is one of the three major pranic (energetic) channels within the body and represents the mental...