Yoga Links

Here is a page of links to interesting yoga sites:

Satyananda Yoga India -

Satyanada Yoga UK -

Scottish Satyananda Yoga Network - - details of Satyananda events in Scotland and of the Satyananda teachers and their classes.  Register to receive 4-monthly e-newsletter from

Satyananda Yoga Centre London (Swami Pragyamurti) -

Satyananda Yoga Centre Birmingham (Swami Satyaprakash) - 

Swami Vedantananda (Portugal) - - personal retreats. courses, CPD for yoga teachers (free download of a meditation and a chant)

Yoga Scotland - the Governing Body for yoga in Scotland  Foundation & Living Yoga courses, teacher training and CPD.

ELYA - Edinburgh & Lothians Yoga Association (ELYA) - day seminars in Edinburgh  approx 4 times per year.

Mandala Yoga Ashram - residential retreats, courses, yoga teacher training in  South Wales, set up by Swami Nishchalananda in 1986

Big Shakti -  - website full of information and tempting yoga on-line courses and e-books