About the images

The word "bija" means seed.  Bija mantras are single words in Sanskrit that are not translatable into English or any other language.  The image on the top left hand side is symbolic,  intended to convey the esssence of my spiritual name, Bijam.  I hope it expresses the  idea of the infinite potential of the seed, growing into a tree.  The Sanskrit letters hanging from the branches are the bija mantras of energy vortices called chakras - more later!  I'm delighted to acknowledge that having planted the seed in his mind, my student Alasdair Andrew developed the symbol and Tina, the designer of this website, planted it in the banner headline.

The image on the right in the banner headline is a symbolic representation, a yantra or mystical diagram, of Saraswati, representing the divine power of cosmic intelligence, consciousness and knowledge.  She is also the creative beauty in art, music, dance and literature.  Yantras can be used in advanced meditation practice, to induce the awakening of the equivalent energy within you.