June 2014

Guru Poornima - 12th July 2014

In yogic traditions, Guru Poornima is celebrated every year on the full moon day in July.  In 2014 it falls on Saturday 12th July.  This auspicious day gives us an opportunity to pay our respects and offer our heartfelt gratitude to all spiritual masters, past and present. The guru (giver of light or spiritual teacher) may be embodied in a living person or may be the principle that exists dormant in all of us – the inner guru.  

What is it we are to know about Guru Poornima? It is an opportunity for a spiritual stocktaking, a chance to renew and strengthen ourselves through coming together as a ‘sangha’ or group of people interested in rededicating ourselves to spiritual practice and inner growth.  Whether you have a guru or you don’t, whether it is inner or outer, whatever tradition, you are most welcome to come to join us in...