Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hari OM all

Last term, in the weekly classes, we continued studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali looking at the Niyamas, the five observances or rules of personal discipline to create tranquillity in the mind in preparation for meditation.  I was in the middle of preparing a summary when I pressed the wrong button after 2 hours' work and deleted the lot.  A great opportunity to practice one of them, santosha (contentment).  

So I'll just send a brief newsletter about the classes beginning after Easter and go back to the Niyamas when I've recovered!  Rather than send it out as another newsletter, I've added it as a blog post on my website www.yogawithbijam.co.uk 


Weekly classes

Gate 55 - the class resumes on Monday 24th April.  

Currie Community High School - I hope Term 3 will start on Tuesday April 18th but that depends on numbers.  At present both classes are listed on www.joininedinburgh/currie so if you haven't re-registered please support your class; one or both will only run if numbers are sufficient. 

West Lothian - all classes resume on Wednesday 19th April.


Progressive Pranayama Course

Day 1 of this course I'm teaching was full but it's not too late to hop on board for the rest of it.  Day 1 was very preparatory, "Making Friends with the Breath".  The remaining dates (all Saturdays, 14.30 - 17.30) are

  • April 29th
  • May 20th
  • June 17th

It's happening at Santosa Yoga Studio, off Leith Walk, Edinburgh.  Booking is via the website of Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach www.edinburghcommunityyoga.co.uk/2017/02/24/pranayama-yoga-breathing/

(this doesn't work as a link so copy and paste address in to your search engine).  Each session is £20.  All proceeds go to ECYO.  


Swami GyanDharma weekend  "The Power of Awareness" May 13 & 14

There are a few places left on the weekend in Dunblane.   I'm really looking forward to it and would warmly encourage any of the more experienced students to book for it.   There will be an opening Hatha yoga class each morning , one taught by Yoga Jayanti and one by me: and as well as lots of discussion and practice of Antar Mouna (the Tantric meditation practice of Inner Silence) we'll have yoga nidra and a kirtan.  Bookings are through Carol Godridge - Tel. 01848 200681  E:yoga@cgodridge.plus.com


And now an item of information about my classes.......

Prana Vidya retreat

Between May 24th and June 3rd I'll be at Mandala Yoga Ashram on a retreat.  I'm sorry, but there will have to be gaps in the schedules unless I can find people willing to teach in my place. I've been hoping to go on this programme  on Prana Vidya (taught by Swami GyanDharma) for 3 years and have finally decided to go this year.  The Gate 55 and Currie High School classes will only miss one week, (May 29th and 30th respectively) and Currie has agreed to add the missing week at the end of the term.  The West Lothian classes will unfortunately miss two (May 24th and 31st)  because of travelling on the 24th.   I'll see what I can do about finding someone to teach the classes.  


Wishing you all a very happy Easter.  See you next term!

Love and OMMMMs